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Safe & Effective Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

The experts at Tri-County Plumbing & Drains work hard to reduce the disruption to your day while offering high-quality, reliable sewer line repairs and installations.

Call 343-750-1020 if you need fast and efficient sewer line services.

The sewer line is a component that doesn’t get much thought throughout the day. In fact, it’s a component that you simply expect to work properly at all times. So when a homeowner experiences sewer line trouble, they always call Tri-County Plumbing and Drain for expert repair and replacement services.

Signs of Sewer Line Trouble

If you experience any of the following signs and symptoms in your home, you may be experiencing sewer line problems that require professional attention:

  • Roots, sediment and dirt backing up into your sink or tub.

  • Gurgling noises coming from the drain.

  • A bad smell coming from the drains.

  • Water that will not drain properly.

Any number of these symptoms point to problems in the sewer. Call an expert for a professional assessment right away.

What Causes Burst Sewer Lines?

There are several things that can contribute needing a sewer line repair.

The most common causes include:

  • ROOTS: Tree roots will always search for water in the ground, even if it means bursting through the sewer line to get to that water. It’s always recommended to plant trees and other greenery far away from the sewer line.

  • TEMPERATURE SPIKES: If you experience a quick spike in the temperature, it may cause the ground to shift and result in a disconnected line.

  • HUMAN ERROR: If you are doing work on your home that involves digging in your yard, make sure you have the appropriate location. It’s very common for damage to be done to the line from digging.

  • OLD PIPES: Much like everything else in your home, age, wear, and tear are all factors that affect the quality of your sewer line. Old pipes tend to wear out, causing problems and requiring replacement.

How to Prevent Future Issues?

The best way to prevent future issues and ensure your sewer line is working at peak efficiency at all times is with professional inspections and maintenance. A yearly assessment will point out any potential problem areas and repair any issues before they cause a major malfunction or rupture.

As soon as you notice something is amiss,

call 343-750-1020 and get professional sewer line repair and replacement services.

Our plumbers will assess the line and recommend the best course of action for you and your home.

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