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Septic System Repair & Cleaning Services

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Septic System Cleaning

Your septic system is designed to serve you and your family for a long time.

And when it’s properly maintained, it will do just that.

However, much like your car, you do need to perform routine maintenance on your septic tank and system to keep it in tip-top shape and functioning well.

Failing to do this regular maintenance can cause problems you just don’t want to have.

One of the routine things you must do with your septic system is regular cleaning.

Just like changing your oil every few thousand miles, failing to clean your septic system on a regular basis is creating a disaster waiting to happen.

Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Cleaning

At Tri-County Plumbing & Drains we realize how vital your septic system is to you and your family, and we’re ready for that call when your system needs cleaning.

While you should schedule routine cleaning of your septic system, here are a few signs you shouldn’t ignore that point to it being ready:

  • WATER POOLS - If you see water pooling around the drain field of your septic system, it’s a good indication that your system is over capacity. When this happens, the solid waste clogs essential pipes, which push the liquid to the surface.

  • SLOW DRAINING - If you notice your drains or your toilet running more slowly than usual, it may be a sign that your system is clogged and in need of cleaning. Don’t wait until the system backs up; call in our experts as soon as you notice slow draining for an assessment.

  • FOUL ODORS - If you notice unpleasant smells coming from your drains, or when you’re out near your septic system’s drain field, it could be a sign that your system is due for a cleaning.

  • COMPLETE BACKUP - If your system is completely backed up, it’s time for a cleaning. But, don’t let it get to that state; call our septic tank cleaning crew in right now for an evaluation of your system if you notice any of the above symptoms, and even if you don’t, call and let us assess the health of your system and recommend a convenient cleaning schedule to keep things running smoothly.

Why Choose Us?

At Tri-County Plumbing & Drains, we pride ourselves on delivering the dependable service you need it at affordable prices.

We value our customers and rely on positive word of mouth, which is why we’ll go out of our way to ensure you’re satisfied with the work. 

Find out why your neighbours trust Tri-County Plumbing & Drains with all of their septic system cleaning and troubleshooting needs.

Our plumbers are available to provide you with same-day service and we provide the cost upfront before we begin work, so there’s no ‘sticker shock’ once the work is done.

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